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Why use a Realtor®

Selling a home takes more than just putting a "for sale" sign out front. You need a Realtor® with experience and training to help you determine the right price, come up with an effective marketing strategy, and anticipate and solve any problems that come up during the selling process. A real estate professional can help you with every part of selling your home, and offer you a smoother, hassle-free experience.

When you’re selling your home, there are a number of advantages to working with a Realtor®:

·         He/she knows real estate values in your neighbourhood and will help price your home competitively by preparing a market analysis of homes that have sold, competing homes that are still on the market and homes that were on the market but didn’t sell.

·         He/she will establish a marketing strategy for your home, ensuring that it’s exposed to as many potential buyers as possible.

·         He/she takes care of the tasks involved in selling a house, ensuring that the transaction is simple and low-stress for you.

·         He/she is an expert in the home selling process and will advise you of your rights, options and obligations.

·         He/she is an experienced negotiator and will work for you to get you the best possible price.

Effective marketing for your home
Realtor® can help you market your home by exposing it to as many potential buyers as possible. The first step is putting it on the MLS. But listing your property is only the beginning; your Realtor® will prepare a personalized plan that includes everything he/she plans to do to sell your property. At RE/MAX, your property will be aggressively promoted through:

·         A posting on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

·  web site

· web site (including posting in China)




·         + 4,000 or so other co operating sites I have reciprocal agreements with.

·         Mailings to potential buyers in your area


賣房有時會是一個複雜而令人費心的過程。選擇一個房地產經紀代表和決定價錢是兩個關鍵問題。賣房要花的錢也是一個重要的考慮因素。你應當考慮推銷你的房產。要拿到最好的價錢,你的房產必須要儘可能向多位買家顯示。推銷不僅僅是簡單地把房產信息放在MLS盤上, 吸引到買方的是你房產的特徵和伴隨它的優越條件。然而,怎樣才能找到你的買家呢?


為了達到你的目標,你需要一個計劃。在ROYAL LEPAGE我們非常注意這些細節。我們以充分的訓練,技巧和工具提供優質的服務。更多的是,我們為你寫出推銷計劃。我們的行動計劃包括:

·         不斷提供反饋

·         不斷使你了解最新市場行情

·         不斷使你了解我們的行動

·         賣房不應放過一切時機!


賣房不僅僅是在報紙上登廣告,也不在於放一個"出售 "的牌子在門前。首要的一點,確定合理的價位,這需要經驗和訓練。我們需要仔細地分析市場,衡量價格,不僅僅是那些已經賣掉的房產,而且還有當前正在市場上有競爭力的房產以及那些曾經上市卻從未售出的房產。



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